Posting Alert!

Effective immediately, the U.S. Department of Labor has published two new mandatory posters for employers to display at the workplace.  The new posting requirements apply to California employers.

If you currently receive your mandatory posters from a service and  that service includes automatic updates, then you will (or already have) receive the new posters.  If however, your poster service doesn’t include automatic updates, you will need to print the two posters (links below) and display them where you currently have all of the other mandatory posting requirements.

The new posters are the Federal Minimum Wage poster and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) poster.

The Federal Minimum Wage poster adds new information about nursing mothers and an employer’s obligation to allow reasonable time for the women to  express breast milk during working hours.

The EPPA poster displays a new telephone number and notes a change in the civil monetary penalties imposed on employers who violate the EPPA.

A SHRM Webcast is available at 9am on Wednesday, August 10th. Terri L. Dougherty of JJ Keller & Associates will explain the mandatory changes that went into effect Aug. 1, as well as review the ever-changing federal and state posting laws. She’ll also talk about what can happen if your posters are not up-to-date and will answer your pressing posting questions.  Click HERE to register.


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