Volunteer Opportunities

Let’s collaborate and brainstorm innovative ways to inspire and educate our HR community. Together, we can make a positive impact. Join us in this exciting journey to make a difference in HR education in the Central Valley.

We have Board and Committee level roles, so you can assist according to your desired level of participation.

Earn SHRM PDCs for Volunteering

If you are SHRM Certified, you can earn PDCs towards recertification by holding a volunteer role. See page 8 of the SHRM recertification handbook.

Why join the CVHRMA Board?

Grow your professional network – Be part of an opportunity to meet influential, intelligent and well-connected people – in the local Modesto HR community.

Gain exposure and insight – Access to the inner workings of an organization, including our members, to enhance your marketability.

Strengthen your credibility – Raise your professional profile among your peers.

Increased visibility – Elevate your professional reputation amongst our members.

Open Board Positions

Marketing Director

As the Central Valley’s SHRM chapter, it’s important we have a professional brand. This is a flexible position that would oversee outreach initiatives to ensure consistent messaging, design, and values across our communications channels. The Marketing Director would:

* Spearhead our effort to bring in Sponsors.

* Review and refine our use of social media and email.

* Collaborate with our other directors (Communication, Education, Membership) to ensure a professional and consistent brand.

Technology Director

Like any business, we are dependent on technology to fulfill our mission to provide HR education to the Central Valley.  We’ve inherited a few systems that need upgrading to modern standards, such as:

* Re-creating our website using a user-friendly site builder

* Moving our membership site to a modern system

* Centrally storing knowledge

… and anything else you feel like recommending and playing with!
FYI – our President is technical, so you would have someone to talk tech with.

Legal Director

As a 501(c)6 not-for-profit, we need to say current with legal obligations and we could use the help of someone experienced with non-profits. Below are the main areas we need assistance:

* Updating our By-laws with new Board positions

* Creating a Conflict of Interest to cover issues like membership data

* Ensuring we follow “Robert’s Rules of Order”

… and anything else needed to proactively stay in good standing.

Open Committee Positions

Why become a CVHRMA Committee Member?

Give back – You may only have a few hours per month, but serving on a committee can make a big difference.

Reinvigorate your career – Connect and engage with the local Modesto HR community to motivate and propel you to take your career to the next level.

Professional development – Grow your network by gaining exposure to Modesto HR professionals.

Annual Event (Oct. 2024) Committee Positions

Our annual event is in October and we are proactively organizing. We have many possibilities for you to help and participate!

Education Committee Positions

Organize events, such as “Lunch & Learn”. Set up speakers and announce topics.

Survey our membership to find out what education they want.

Create SHRM Certification classes to train those getting ready for certification as well as the actual certification classes! 


Marketing Committee Positions

Membership – if you love working with data / excel, help us update our membership database!

Graphics – use Photoshop (or comparable app) to create images and other tools to format documents

Website – we will move to a new host and need to re-create the CVHRMA site. We want to hear your ideas!

Social Media – promote CVHRMA through ongoing communication efforts and branding initiatives, using social media

Organizingpassword and technology review and consolidation

Communications Committee Positions

Secretary – Take minutes of chapter meetings, provide notice of meetings and general correspondence. Maintain chapter records and history.

Surveys – Find out what our members are thinking!

Membership Committee Positions

Create information handouts – What CVHRMA does, How to register, Volunteer positions, Sponsorship opportunities

Attend events to spread the good word about CVHRMA, including booths at expos and mingling at the chamber of commerce