Kathleen Xavier


If there is one thing I know – it’s HR and technology are not best friends…so I spend my career as the HRIS Manager for Foster Farms bridging that gap. I love to put metrics into place and being the voice of technology into the HR World. I have a passion to serve my community, and that is why I have been an active board member in the Livingston are for Relay for Life since 2008. I am fun loving and find that life is all about giving back! I’m a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful children, and come from a large family. For someone in the HRIS world, I break the mold.
I got linked up with the CVHRMA group last year, and felt that it was time that I gave something back. With my expertise in systems, websites, and technology in general it should come as no surprise that my desired role with CVHRMA is the Director of Technology. With the launch of the new website and all the possibilities and resources to the members I felt like this role is going to be critical. I hope that I earn your trust and vote to prove to you the valuable resource I can be to you as a member. I am here to help you gain the most out of your membership through the use of CVHRMA’s new technology!

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